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Présentation : Hello,

Please excuse but I dont know french language so I'll write english.
To read messages I have to use auto translation so it can be horrlible sometimes but I have no other way.
Charly didnt answer for my message and please for help so I have to disturb your life ;)
Its nice to meet you and this forum.

I'm saefarer and maritime engineer from Poland
I'm Esterels owner from 2 months. And its a very long months with a lot of troubles...
Built in .... there is a first problem becouse of registry rules of Poland and Holland: according to VIN in 1997 according to first registration in 1999 and it creates problem to find my type of Esterel.
For sure its based on Sprinter 312 and equipped with 2.9l Mercedes turbodiesel engine 122 HP.
As I checked:
Camping-cars Esterel: modèles et années de production

It can be Esterel for sure M1 29 L or 29 LN or 31 LD version because bed is french type (according to driving direction)

Its nice camper but it creates a lot of problems.
So I'm looking for some info and knowledge over there.
As I found its not so popular brand of campers and they are specific..
I'm looking for someone who can write english and have knowledge about structure and how its buit becouse its leaking and I cant track place of leakage.
It spend a lot of time in south of France with previous owners so mayby someone knows it? I'm curious about past of it.
Its my first step in camper life so please be forgiving.

Regards for all of you!

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